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Nadiac's Photo and Video Blog: Nude Wife Photo

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Nadiac: Is it just me or is it a little nippy out here? Lol

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Nadiac ( )



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"Originally my husband set this profile up for me, but he didn't have enough time to post pictures and participate with other users, so I took it over and share the pictures and interesting comments with him when he has time. We both get off on the dirty/nasty comments made on my pictures and videos."


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flag as inappropriate So Cal Admirer    April 29, 2018VResident

“Houston, we have lift off”...I shouldn’t perv on my phone while on the bus...might miss my stop ‘cuz I’m too embarrassed to stand up... thanks for sharing!

flag as inappropriate adrian l.    April 22, 2018VResident
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Wonderful pic!! I love to see you playing with your incredibly beautiful boobs...

flag as inappropriate justrite    April 21, 2018

Awesome nipples!

flag as inappropriate jackin    April 21, 2018VResident
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Fin sexy

flag as inappropriateHubby wants to play    April 20, 2018
VCity Userpic

I want to cum on those sexy tits so bad......

flag as inappropriate Robbie    April 20, 2018VResident
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Luscious!!!! From the looks of things your happy to see us all or at the least thinking about it ????

flag as inappropriate excleve    April 20, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

The temp must be just right!

flag as inappropriate Redtoy    April 20, 2018

You have perfect tits

flag as inappropriate akthumper    April 20, 2018VResident

Mmmmm..... it just your sexy little body telling your brain that it’s time to have some sexy fun !

flag as inappropriate oldhand    April 20, 2018VResident
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It is nippy or your horny, I hope for the last option

flag as inappropriate Tyro    April 20, 2018
VCity Userpic

Perfectly nippy… That is quite certain

flag as inappropriate ichi    April 20, 2018
VCity Userpic

It is def nippley there! You got the nips to show it too! YUMMY!

flag as inappropriate taman67    April 20, 2018VResident
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Love those long hard nips

flag as inappropriate Confusion reigns    April 19, 2018
VCity Userpic

Great tits, lovely hard nipples Nadia..

flag as inappropriate Zeke    April 19, 2018VResident
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In case you don't know... You're amazing....

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