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Nadiac's Photo and Video Blog: See Through Photo

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Nadiac: If you walked in and so me wearing this, what would you do?

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Nadiac ( )



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"Originally my husband set this profile up for me, but he didn't have enough time to post pictures and participate with other users, so I took it over and share the pictures and interesting comments with him when he has time. We both get off on the dirty/nasty comments made on my pictures and videos."


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flag as inappropriate jackin    May 23, 2018VResident
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Love to f you

flag as inappropriate twistinside    May 22, 2018VResident
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I'd slip my hands under your shirt as I kissed you, then unbuttoned it so I could kiss and lick my way to your tits and nipples. Then lay you down and continue to explore the rest of your sexy body with my lips and tongue.

flag as inappropriate jonstud    May 22, 2018
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You wouldn't be wearing it for long.

flag as inappropriate raven    May 22, 2018VResident
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Well the first thing would be get hard !! then we would have to get to know each other better !!! thanks

flag as inappropriate oldhand    May 22, 2018VResident
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Well the life expectantly of that lone button is very short as I rip the shirt from your wonderfully wild sexy body to see you totally naked. A short pause to drink in the amazing sight before I start sucking on your nipples while reaching to finger your wet pussy

flag as inappropriate Redtoy    May 21, 2018

After one long deep passionate kiss Im going to slowly slide that shirt off of your beautiful self.

flag as inappropriate ichi    May 21, 2018
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flag as inappropriate SANDY & ELBER    May 21, 2018VResident
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Wow!!!.... I would kiss you and caress you until I get you on the bed to enjoy all the beauty and delight of your body

flag as inappropriate sr19782002    May 21, 2018VResident
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If I was there, I would strip off that shirt, and you could strip off my clothes so that we're both naked! Then we could have some very hot and steamy fun together! You are such a knockout!

flag as inappropriate Lick96    May 21, 2018
VCity Userpic

I would help you out of that shirt and lay you down, so I can better please you

flag as inappropriate dy71    May 21, 2018VResident

Lay you down on the nearest convenient surface and have my wicked way with you. Ummm, that might be a cliche. But sometimes cliche is the only way to go :-)

flag as inappropriate just love it    May 21, 2018

The first thing is think it's Christmas. The second is put a huge smile on my face and the third is wonder why my brain was taking so long to make up its next decision :-)

flag as inappropriate herschel69    May 21, 2018VResident

Get on my knees---and "LICKITTY-SPLITT"!!

flag as inappropriate Dirkdiggler7122    May 21, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

Push you down on the nearest chair and work on your awesome pussy

flag as inappropriate iloveboobs    May 21, 2018VResident
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SEXY! My jaw would cock would mm...Oh my God...I want you so much! :-P

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